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Health Assessments for Business

Health Assessments for Business

Our onsite health assessments encourage employees to take control of their health. They work by helping identify potential health risks and concerns whilst encouraging employees to take action before they become serious.

Health Assessments for Business - support before it happens

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Help your employees identify their health risks

As an employer, you can take action to help improve the health of your employees. Our convenient on site health assessments help your employees identify health risks, reducing the chance of long term absenteeism. The assessments include personalised health reports and action plans provided direct to your employees on the day.

How could health assessments support both your business and your employees?

Our team of medical experts will come to your offices to conduct quick and easy health assessments. This will help identify your employee’s health risks, encouraging them to take action to improve their health and wellbeing, before health concerns become more serious.

  • Simple to organise, and suitable for all employees
  • Various packages available depending on your business’ needs and your existing workplace wellness programs
  • Can be conducted on your premises, causing minimal impact on the working day
  • Helps improve employee wellbeing
  • Supports you in your employer duty of care
  • Helps reduce long term employee absenteeism
  • Helps improve team motivation and morale
  • Access to additional wellbeing services including mental health training, lunch and learn sessions, workplace massages and flu jabs


Extra costs are applicable for additional services.

The team at Benenden Health made the whole process simple, smooth and with the best use of resources. The services provided are professional and well managed. The online booking system takes away what could be an organisational chore.

Tony Gardner, Health & Safety Advisor, Wates Construction


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0800 414 8179


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Find the right level for your business

Our different levels of health assessments range from a simple three-point check to a more detailed executive package measuring 46 different criteria. All of our health assessments provide your employees with instant results and include a personalised health report and action plan.

 Levels of health assessment

Mini health MOT
Extended health MOT
Essential health assessment
Wellperson health assessment
Wellperson+ cancer health assessment
Executive health assessment
Assessment length
15 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
Screenings per day - per clinician
28 Max
21 Max
14 Max
9 Max
7 Max
4 Max
Results feedback
Lifestyle assessment
Personal medical history
Lifestyle questionnaire
Mind & body stress resilience check
Body composition
Height & weight
Body mass index
Waist:hip ratio
Metabolism assessment
Metabolic age
Body fat percentage
Visceral fat
Muscle mass
Bone mass
Hydration status
Heart/lung health
Blood pressure
Cardiac assessments (10 year CVD risk score)
HDL % of total cholesterol
Lung function & age
Resting ECG
Fitness assessment (step test)
Bone health
Osteoporosis risk assessment
Urine analysis
Urine analysis (9 tests)
Blood analysis
Random blood glucose
HbA1c detailed diabetes test
Total cholesterol
HDL % of total cholesterol
Non-HDL cholesterol
LDL cholesterol (6 hour fasting)
Triglycerides (6 hour fasting)
Kidney function (3 tests)
Liver function (6 tests)
Iron status (3 tests)
Gout (uric acid)
Proteins (3 tests)
Thyroid Function - TSH & thyroxine
Vitamin D test
Cancer tests & awareness
PSA prostate cancer (male only)
CA125 ovarian cancer (female only)
FOB bowel cancer test (age 45+ or family history)
Testicular cancer awareness
Breast cancer awareness & self examination kit
H. Pylori (stomach ulcers/cancer/IBS)
Full red blood cell count (7 tests)
Full white blood cell count (8 tests)
Clotting status (2 tests)
Inflammation marker - C-reactive protein
Post assessment support
12 month action plan

Additional wellbeing services

We have a range of other wellbeing services available, including: mental health training; juice bikes; lunch and learn sessions; workplace massage; and even a BATAK wall.

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0800 414 8179


9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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Organising health assessments for your employees is straightforward

Our dedicated, UK-based team are standing by to help organise health assessments for your employees. We'll make the process quick and simple, so that you can focus on the wellbeing of your team.

Arranging the assessments

Arranging the assessments

  • We discuss your needs and provide you with a quote.
  • Once you have confirmed your health assessment package, we work with you to arrange the assessments on a convenient day/days.

Health assessments on the day

On the day

  • We provide you with marketing tools to explain the health assessments to your employees.
  • Booking in appointments is simple via our online booking system.
  • The health assessment is completed at your chosen location by healthcare professionals.
  • Your staff receive their health assessment results instantly.

Support after the assessment

Post assessment support

  • If you have over 50 employees, we provide you with a healthcare report indicating the overall state of your workforce. All reports are anonymous.
  • We arrange a follow up meeting or call to discuss how the assessment day went.

Call us free

0800 414 8179


9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve collated some questions frequently asked by employers in the list below.

Are the assessments private? My staff won’t want me to know their medical history.

Yes, absolutely private. We work with you to choose the best location for the assessment (privacy and discretion are key) and the employee receives their results instantly. If over 50 of your employees have a health assessment we can provide you with an aggregated, anonymous, report on the overall health of your employees.

Are the assessments carried out by medical professionals?

Assessments are carried out by a team of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), who work in the capacity of Physiologists. HCPs have a minimum of a BSc degree in a health science, including Human Nutrition, Sports & Exercise Science and Public Health.

Is there a lot of admin for me to manage?

No, we want to make it as easy for you to manage as possible. Once the quote is agreed, we work with you to help get everything set up. We also provide you with access to an online booking system, and marketing tools to ensure that your employees understand the benefits the health assessments offer them.

How many employees can be assessed in a day?

Our standard packages can range from 5 to 28 assessments per day, depending on the assessment type you choose. Assessments can be undertaken on one day, or over a number of days. However many employees you have, we can tailor your programme to fit your business.

What if my staff don’t want the assessment?

All employees have the right to decline the offer of a health assessment. We find that doesn’t often happen, as it is a useful review of their current health and it shows their employer values them and their health.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please do contact us

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0800 414 8179


9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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