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Healthcare for Business

  • Low fixed† cost with no increase in premiums because of age or usage
  • Supports your duty of care obligations
  • Helps to reduce absenteeism
  • Helps to increase staff retention and attraction

Healthcare for Business

Affordable health solutions that care for your business and your workforce

Supporting your employee’s health and wellbeing is vital to help you maintain a healthy, productive business. However, private medical insurance can be expensive and cost prohibitive for many businesses. Healthcare for Business provides a low cost alternative that could not only offer great value for your business, but also be beneficial for your employees.

Our healthcare is provided on a discretionary basis and aims to support your employees when they need it most, offering access to a range of health and wellbeing services including private consultations and treatment and 24/7 advice lines.

We’re also proud winners of the 2017 Most Trusted Health Insurance Provider via Your Employer in the prestigious Moneywise Customer Awards.

Only £9.10 per month.

Benefits for your business and for your employees

For your business

  • Low fixed† cost with no increase in premiums because of age or usage
  • Supports your duty of care obligations
  • Helps to reduce absenteeism
  • Helps to increase staff retention and attraction
  • Helps to improve employee productivity, motivation and morale

For your employees
They will benefit from*

  • Convenient access to GP and psychological wellbeing helplines 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world
  • Access to faster diagnosis
  • Access to faster treatment
  • Additional discounts and rewards
  • No excess or upfront costs to pay and claim back

They could feel:

  • Healthier
  • Happier
  • More valued
  • More motivated

†The cost is reviewed on an annual basis.
* A six month qualifying period for services may be applicable.

Support provided by Healthcare for Business

When the NHS can’t help your employees in a timely manner, our discretionary healthcare could provide support with access to:

  • Private consultations and tests
  • Private treatment and surgery
  • Private physiotherapy
  • Psychological wellbeing treatment
  • 24/7 GP and psychological wellbeing helplines

Please note that no advice will be given in relation to the sale of this product.

Support provided by Healthcare for Business

When the NHS can’t help your employees in a timely manner, our discretionary healthcare could provide support with access to a range of services including†:

Private consultations and tests

With over 700 diagnostic facilities nationwide, we could provide access to local consultants and hospitals for prompt tests and diagnosis.*

We will pay up to £1,500 towards private consultations, diagnosis and tests – this is not an annual limit, this is funding available per condition.

Private treatment and surgery

We can help to treat over 300* conditions and can pay for the full cost of all approved and available surgery/treatment.

We have a large number of hospitals and clinics for your employees to choose from.

Private physiotherapy

The physiotherapy service we offer is intended to provide an interim solution until your employee's NHS appointment becomes available.

Treatment can include a tailored course of self-managed exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist, or face-to-face support.

If the physiotherapist recommends face-to-face treatment we will arrange for your employees to attend one of over 700 Rehabworks accredited clinics.

Psychological wellbeing treatment

When your employees have work or personal problems, and are facing a long wait on the NHS, our psychological wellbeing service can provide structure and positive support to help fill the gap.

Support can include guided self help as well as telephone or face-to-face counselling.

24/7 GP and psychological wellbeing helplines

Our 24/7 helplines give your employees access to a qualified, UK-based GP or mental health expert.

Our helplines are accessible from anywhere in the world. The GP service can also be accessed online via a face-to-face eConsultation between 8.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Convenient access to experts means that employees don’t have to take time off from work to speak to a GP or qualified therapist

†A six month qualifying period for services may be applicable.
*Exclusions apply, view our list of general exclusions.
Please note that no advice will be given in relation to the sale of this product

24/7 access to medical helplines are all included with Healthcare for Business

Typically an online/telephone consultation with a private GP costs £20 for 10 minutes or £40 for 20 minutes*, howeverwith Healthcare for Business your employees are free to use our 24/7 GP advice and psychological wellbeing helplines as often as they like. These convenient services are inclusive of our low monthly fee of only £9.10 per person, in addition to the other healthcare services we offer.

*Push Doctor, July 2017.

Additional employee rewards and discounts

Additional employee rewards and discounts

Our free quarterly magazine, Be Healthy, will be sent to every employee and it’s packed with handy tips to help them enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

And from day one, your employees will be able to access exclusive member rewards, including discounted family breaks, savings on sportswear, money off delicious healthy recipe kits and discounts off Benenden home and travel insurance.

Behealthy Autumn Front Cover 2017


How it works

We’re able to offer high-quality private healthcare for just £9.10 a month because:

  • We don’t treat health issues the NHS supports really well, such as cancer care or heart problems; although we do help to diagnose these conditions, if they are not initially suspected, and provide pathway support back into the NHS
  • We have over 840,000 members, providing cost effective access to a nationwide network of medical facilities
  • As a mutual, not-for-profit organisation we have no shareholders to pay dividends to. Our member’s contributions are invested back into helping your employees and other members
  • Our healthcare is provided on a ‘discretionary’ basis – see full details below
What does ‘discretionary’ healthcare mean?

What does ‘discretionary’ healthcare mean?

We’re not a medical insurer, our healthcare services are offered on a discretionary basis. When your employees call to request our services we review their case on an individual basis. We consider many aspects; the main factors being the wait on the NHS and how this, and the health issue, is affecting the quality of your employee’s life. So, if waiting and worrying is starting to hamper their everyday life and ability to work, we will do our best to help. Be it through sound advice and counselling or prompt diagnosis and treatment, we will consider it all.

This approach means we’re able to focus on making sure the decision is right for your employees; when a health issue is preventing your employees from working, we can help to get them back on their feet and back to work sooner.

See how your employees could benefit from our healthcare. 
Please note that no advice will be given in relation to the sale of this product.

What do our business customers say about Benenden?

Healthcare for Business looks after businesses of all shapes and sizes, and could really add value to your organisation, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the following case studies and hear for yourself.

MidKent College – Corporate Members Since 2010

Andrea Ashman, Director of HR at MidKent College discusses the benefits of Benenden Business Healthcare and how it has helped reduce sickness and absenteeism amongst her co-workers.

Kent College – Corporate Members Since 2010

Angela Hencher of Kent College discusses how Benenden Business Healthcare can not only act as a reward benefit but gives their staff the back up support they need when the NHS is unable to help.

Dover District Council – Corporate Members Since 2008

Nadeem Aziz, Chief Executive at Dover District Council explains how Benenden helped reduce absenteeism by 12% a year after introducing our corporate scheme to his team.

We introduced Benenden as part of our Health @ Work Action Plan; it complements the work contained within our Action Plan and School Development Plan and provides a service that would otherwise not have been available to staff

Fidelma Hegarty, HR & Finance Manager, St. Columb’s College

Staff health issues can now usually be resolved quickly, resulting in less sick leave. Not having to wait on a long NHS list to speak to a professional keeps anxiety levels to a minimum and aids our staff’s mental health.

Karen Johnston Office Manager, Christian Fellowship Church


We’ve collated some questions frequently asked by employers into the list below. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please do contact us.

Are there any age restrictions for an employee to be accepted?

All employees aged 16 and over are eligible, with no upper age limit.

Do employees need to undergo a medical to be accepted?

No lengthy medical questionnaires are necessary; medical history is disregarded.

How many people can I cover on business healthcare?

Healthcare for Business could be suitable for any company, any size.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our healthcare is available for one low, flat cost*. There is no excess, ever. Also, our cost doesn’t increase due to employee age or service usage. *
*The cost is reviewed on an annual basis

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, we make it really easy, as everyone is accepted, as long as they are over 16 and are a UK resident. There are no medical questionnaires to answer and there is very little ongoing admin for you to do, as we assist the employee directly.

How do my employees access the medical helplines?

We’ll provide a free phone number to your employees, so that they can call from anywhere in the world whenever they need help. They will be asked to confirm their name and membership number, so that we can verify their details. The relevant medical specialist will call your employee back, at a convenient time to suit them

How does business healthcare differ to private medical insurance?

We offer our healthcare on a ‘discretionary basis’. This means we look at each case on an individual basis to see if we can help. It’s based on what’s best for your employee’s health, and the impact their issue is having on their personal and work life. For more information visit how it works.

How could my business save money through Healthcare for Business?

UK employees average 7.5 days absent each year † equating to a cost of £898.28 per employee, based on the UK average salary of £28,028 pa**. And that’s without including the cost and resources needed to find replacement staff or the impact on customer dissatisfaction. Benenden Healthcare for Business could be a way of reducing the cost of absenteeism, through improved employee health and morale leading to reduced time off work. Don't just take our word for it.

What is the cost?

Our Healthcare for Business costs just £9.10 per month, per employee.


†CIPD Absence Management Annual Survey Report 2016

**Calculation based on the 2016 ONS average salary of £28,028 with 253 working days (with 20 days holiday).

Contact us

Our dedicated sales team are here to help. We’ll work with you to discuss your needs and priorities to develop a healthcare solution that works for you and your employees*.

Email us or call us on 0800 414 8179 today.

*Please note that no advice will be given in relation to the sale of this product.

Hospitals you can trust nationwide

Our nationwide network of hospitals are dedicated to giving prompt diagnosis, at a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities with the very best care so your staff can concentrate on getting better quickly. Through our relationship with Bupa your employees will also have access to over 700 hospitals nationwide for diagnosis.

For those that have employees living in and around the Kent region, diagnosis and treatment is available at our founding hospital, The Benenden Hospital.

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Benenden Hospitals maps

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We can work with you to develop a personalised business case and show you how our healthcare could benefit your business.

Want to make salaries go further? Support your employees with money back on everyday medical costs from only £1 a week.

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