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Hip or knee replacement treatments

We know that waiting for a hip or knee operation can be not only painful but also very frustrating too. To help you receive surgery quickly and get back to doing those everyday tasks again, the award winning Benenden Hospital in Kent has its own state of the art Orthopaedic suite.

By treating you in modern theatres, caring for you in single en-suite rooms and taking a rigorous approach to infection control, we are proud to have an unblemished record when it comes to serious cases of infection, such as MRSA or C-diff, as defined by the Department of Health.

At the Benenden Hospital our caring staff have created a very comfortable environment for you to recoup from your treatment and by following our Rapid Recovery Programme, we will help you achieve a speedy recovery, so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

All-inclusive packages for both hip and knee replacement

If you are a Benenden Healthcare member you will be eligible for our discounted rate on hip and knee replacements.

Benenden member discounted rate: £7,920 
Self-paying patient: £9,900

The package includes initial X-ray, consultation, surgical pre-assessment, the hip replacement surgery, post-operative physiotherapy whilst at the hospital and a follow-up consultation – all at Benenden Hospital.

  • Our price is fixed up to a stay of seven nights should this be clinically necessary. If we consider that you may need an extended stay because of a condition you have that may affect this, we will tell you beforehand and additional charges may apply.
  • This includes X-rays and ultrasound scans if needed, but not MRI scans, which would be extra if indicated. Certain types of prosthesis may also incur extra costs. Please ask your consultant about this.
  • If pre-assessment indicates an underlying condition, echo cardiograms or other cardiac or pulmonary investigations could be needed, and these would be charged extra.
  • If you are allergic to nickel we can still undertake your hip or knee replacement but a supplementary charge will be payable to cover the cost of nickel-free instruments.
  • You can see the consultant for your follow-up if you wish, but you may find it more helpful to see the physiotherapist, or to deal with any questions over the phone if you live at a distance.

How to access this service

Simply call 01580 242521** for more details about hip and knee treatments (Lines open 8am - 4.30pm Mon-Fri).

What our patients say

The consultant was amazing. Right from the very start, before the operation, during and after, I asked lots of questions and he was more than happy to address any worries or concerns I had. I can’t fault him - both his surgical skills and after care approach is fantastic

Pauline Williams

The best way to describe the team is that they are very ‘human’,” said John. “Although clearly highly skilled, I thought they were very down to earth, unpretentious and rather humble.

John Williams